What are “Click or Drag” Templates for Photoshop Elements?

I have been working with Adobe's Prerelease team for the last nine months.  I submitted a feature request to Adobe to be able to make "Frames" that you may "Click or Drag" your photos into without using clipping masks. Adobe invited me to help test and develop the new feature!  I believe this is a revolutionary new development that will simplify designing digital scrapbook pages and photobooks.  My "Click or Drag" templates are designed using the new "Frame Creator" feature that is new in Photoshop Elements 15.  Instead of clipping photos and papers to shapes you simply either "Click" on the opening and select your .jpg or you may "Drag" your .jpg into the opening.  The templates may be used in earlier versions of Photoshop Elements. (Tested in versions 13,14)  Please Note: The templates do not work with the full version of Photoshop.

The first set of templates in my shop are Quick Pocket" pages.  They are similar to other pocket pages available on the market today, but you do not have to use clipping masks!

I invite you to watch my YouTube video for a visual demonstration of how easy it is to use these new templates.  Then, download the "Freebie" template and try it yourself!

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